Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Monday, 10 October 2011

Links to ANY poptropica

Mini Game Links
1. Haunted house
   a. in the basement (C:\Users\User\Downloads\base.htm)
   b. at the party (C:\Users\User\Downloads\party.htm)

2. Dr hare's micro quest
   a. Inside the secret lair(C:\Users\User\Downloads\inside.htm)
   b. Destroying begins (C:\Users\User\Downloads\destroy.htm)

for more links there will be a blog called linksblog OF poptropica.

just copy what is in the brackets and go. 

just a test

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Because there's 21 islands on poptropica today I am going to go through all 21 islands which ones are easy or hard. E=easy M=medium H=hard

1. Early Poptropica Island = E
2. Shark Tooth Island = E
3. Time Tangled Island = M
4. 24 Carrot Islands = M
5. Super Power Island = M
6. Spy Island = M
7. Nabooti Island = M
8. Big Nate Island = E
9. Astro Knights Island = H
10. Counterfeit Island = M
11. Reality TV Island = M
12. Mythology Island = H
13. Skullduggery Island = H
14. Steamworks Island = M
15. Great Pumpkin Island = M
16. Cryptids Island = M
17. Wild West Island = M
18. Wimpy Wonderland = M
19. Red Dragon Island = M
20. Shrink Ray Island = M 
21. Mystery Train Island = M
22. Game Show Island = ? (we will find out how hard or easy it is once it comes out)

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Treat Music Video

Treat 4 U

Coming soon To poptropica

Coming Soon                                                                                          
Game Show Island

Get Ready For ROBOTS, Game Show's and more.

Are you ready to restore the dignity of all poptropican's?.

Check out the island info page - LINK TO INFO PAGE.

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Happy Birthday To You,Happy Birthday To You,Happy Birthday Poptropica,Happy Birthday To You!!!

That is right Poptropica is 4, you can play find the 4 balloon and pop it and get a special birthday cake costume.


Happy Birthday To You,Happy Birthday To You,Happy Birthday Poptropica,Happy Birthday To You!!!

That is right Poptropica is 4, you can play find the 4 balloon and pop it and get a special birthday cake costume.


Friday 9th September 2011



You can still play D.C Diner dash on poptropica

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Climb aboard the Mystery Twain

Interrogations can get pretty rough when you're trying to solve a crime on the Mystery Train.

Even Mark Twain can't handle the third degree.

Keep an eye out right here for more info about Mystery Train Island, coming very soon!

Poptropica Tips and Tricks: D.C. Diner

Things sure get hectic in the D.C. Diner. Here are a few tips to keep your restaurant in ship-shape.

Keep moving.

Don't just stand there waiting for your cook to fill an order. Head back to the table and see if another customer has a new order. Every second you're standing still is a second wasted.

Stand in the right spot. 

You can fill up drinks and bus dishes withough having to stand next to the soda fountains or the dish bin. But you do need to stand right in front of the chef in order to place a dinner order. Try filling up drinks from across the screen, or bussing dishes while you place multiple orders with the cook.

Choose your upgrades carefully.

The hostess is a big help, but you probably don't need her in the earlier stages, when only a few customers at a time can fit at the table. But fast drinks -- that'll shave seconds off your time from the start.

Take calculated risks.

Every customer will always order a drink first. Then they will order either the chicken or the burger. Knowing this, you can take some calculated risks. Keep an extra soda and root beer on your tray. Get the chef cooking a burger and a chicken before anybody has ordered their dinner. You might end up needing to dump something in the trash, but when these risks pay off, you'll save lots of time.

Hopefully some of these tips will help. What tricks have you found to keep the D.C. Diner running smoothly?

Musical Video Treat

Katy Perry/ Kathy Beth Terry - Last Friday Night.


Saturday, 13 August 2011

Thursday, 4 August 2011


here is the link to the blog

LINK: http://doctorwhotvwatchfreeepisodes.blogspot.com


CALLED....Doctor Who TV, where you can watch Doctor who, the episode will be on that blog ONLY.


Sorry everyone It's just uploading to Youtube now, we've been having some Technical Difficulties, but should be uploaded today.:oops:

Wednesday, 3 August 2011


IT IS COMING TODAY ON..............................YOUTUBE:)

YEAH, As soon as it is on youtube I will post it on LINK first, then put it on he blog it's self.

A good man go's to war???

Q. When will it come out?

A. If You want me to tell you, It will be on the blog just before the End of August.

Q. Will it be on the blog first or Youtube?

A. I do not know if it is coming out on Youtube first or Here, but you will know by next week.

A good man go's to war???

Coming Soon to this blog, A 2 parter of,...wait for it...Doctor Who - A Good Man Goes To War.

Here's a little trailer

May I take your order?

Just a little screenshot to whet your appetite for a new minigame that will be coming to Poptropica very soon.

More details on Mystery Train Island!

If you haven't had the chance yet, check out the Mystery Train Island info page for more details about this mind-bending mystery!

And keep an eye out right here on the creators' blog for even more clues about the next Poptropica adventure. The train will be leaving the station before you know it!

Friday, 29 July 2011

The legend is coming...

Announcing the new Poptropica Island!

You've barely had time to get your Shrink on, and already we bring news of your next adventure. The next Poptropica Island will be...            

Mystery Train Island!

Of course we'll have lots more information about Mystery Train Island in the days and weeks to come. For now... it's a mystery!


Thursday, 28 July 2011

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Because there's 20 islands on poptropica today I am going to go through all 20 islands which ones are easy or hard. E=easy M=medium H=hard

1. Early Poptropica Island = E
2. Shark Tooth Island = E
3. Time Tangled Island = M
4. 24 Carrot Islands = M
5. Super Power Island = M
6. Spy Island = M
7. Nabooti Island = M
8. Big Nate Island = E
9. Astro Knights Island = H
10. Counterfeit Island = M
11. Reality TV Island = M
12. Mythology Island = H
13. Skullduggery Island = H
14. Steamworks Island = M
15. Great Pumpkin Island = M
16. Cryptids Island = M
17. Wild West Island = M
18. Wimpy Wonderland = M
19. Red Dragon Island = M





Monday, 25 July 2011

here's a link to season 9 part 1 welcome back carter



Soon I will put the episodes on the blog as well.

Who, What, When

Who? - ME

What? - Family Guy Season 6, 8 & 9 star wars special

When? - Not Saying For 2 days.

Thats right I will be showing a 3 episodes in ...

it seems in ten minutes family guy season 9 is starting

10 minutes
 till it starts on my channel

as soon as its uploaded and ready I will post a link & I will put a permanent link on the right hand side.


it seems in ten minutes family guy season 9 is starting in 10 minutes

10 minutes
 till it starts on my channel

as soon as its uploaded and ready I will post a link & I will put a permanent link on the right hand side.


''It seem today that all you see is family guy on this blog...???''

Family guy season 9 will be on my youtube channel in parts, different episodes every week.

Today is ''welcome back carter''

PART 1 - 25th July 2011
PART 2 - 26th July 2011

enjoy :)

Sunday, 24 July 2011

coming in 2 days

you all will be able to download the new toolbar.

in 2 days

or will you
i'm still working on it.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011


hello everyone i have just linked my blog to my youtube channel. this will be a link to my youtube channel a temporary one. the link to my youtube channel is on link list on right hand side>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


Cast of characters.
Some of the folks you'll meet on the next island.
this looks like an old fashion island, don't you think?

Click the link to go to poptropica island info


Thursday, 14 July 2011

musical treat

look to your right there's links to music if it doesn't work then click this link to : youtube

more coming soon...

The name has changed

thats right, the name is changed to poptropica creators blog 2.

Monday, 11 July 2011

The Smurfs Are In Town

thats right there is the smurfs advertisement on poptropica you'll get a smurf(tastic) costume.

videos&pics will be on soon...

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Fast food, the best way to advertise to kids!

Good news to those who eat at Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr, because the best online game in the world has just arrived!

Poptropica at Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr.!

Dr. Hare shows his appreciation for the Cool Kids Combo.
The summer of Poptropica just keeps heating up! For a limited time, you can get an exclusive Poptropica toy at your local Hardees or Carl’s Jr. restaurant. When you get a Cool Kids Combo meal, you’ll get one of the following:
  • Astro-Knights game
  • Temporary tattoos
  • Spy Island decoder
  • Shark Tooth Island treasure map
Plus, each toy comes with a code that you can redeem for an in-game prize, by visiting www.poptropica.com/coolkids.
avatar imageDon’t spoil your appetite — there’s always a lot more Poptropica fun right around the corner.


That's right it is question time, there's a poll on the right hand side, which island is better, if none of those are your choice leave comments on which island is better.

and tonight i will ask another question.

coming soon to shrink ray blog

the name is changing

some of my videos


and one Shane Dawson video- telephone parody

Announcing Island Restart!

One of Poptropica's most requested features is finally here. Now, you can replay any Poptropica Island as much as you want!

Just visit the map screen on the Island you want to restart, and press the round "RESTART ISLAND" button in the bottom lefthand corner. Presto! Your adventure begins anew.

If you've already completed an Island and earned that Island's Medallion, never fear! You won't lose it. Your Medallion will still appear on the Stats screen. Plus, when you move your cursor over your Island Medallions on the Stats screen, you'll even see how many times you've completed each Island.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start your Poptropica adventure all over again!

shrink ray island is available now for members

That is correct it came out on 30th June, I've been a bit behind lately.

heres the trailer.

Monday, 13 June 2011

Shrink Shot and Shrink Ray Island Sneak Peek

Poptropica Shrink Ray Island Sneak PeekWhen you log into Poptropica this weekend and visit the map, you’ll see that there’s now a sneak peek version of Shrink Ray Island that everyone can visit. It’s in the form of a mini-game called Shrink Shot
Here’s what the creators have to say about the new mini-game on the official Poptropica blog:
The object of the game is to bounce your miniaturized Poptropican around a room, causing as much mayhem as you can to rack up big points. Achieving high scores will earn you bonus powers that will help you score even more points! Can you unlock all of the upgrades and win the grand prize?
To play the game, you shoot your Poptropican across the scene by selecting the power and the angle of your shot. You want to aim to hit the green point balls to get a high score. You also want to hit different items in the scene to earn special prizes and build your score. For example, hitting the car will cause it to drive you across the floor and pick up a ton of points. If you reach certain scores in the game, you’ll unlock special prizes, like the hard helmet, which earn you even more points. Other upgrades include the bounce ball, propeller hat, a spiked hard helmet and a spiked bounce ball. It’s a really fun game and gives everyone a great look at what the new Shrink Ray Island will be all about.